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First take on the Governor's budget for WSU

by Bryan 18. December 2008 16:39

As I noted in my previous post, today was the roll out of the Governor's budget. The net effect of her proposal would cut Washington State University's overall state budget by about $22 million if the maximum (7%) increase in tuition was authorized and was used to offset some of the proposed $31 million reduction in state funding.  This is about an 8.5% reduction in the university's state funding.

Details can be found on the  of the Governor's website.  However, the WSU Legislative Information site, particularly the Olympia Updates section, is the best way to keep tabs on the big picture.

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Governor's Budget for the state of Washington

by Bryan 17. December 2008 17:51

With all the discussion about looming budget problems, budget will be a consistent topic of this blog.  I think it is important to keep you up to date as to the process and what is happening.

The Governor in Washington is required to present a budget to the legislature by Dec. 20.  She plans to unveil it tomorrow at a 9:30 press conference.  Later in the day, at 2:30, she has a time scheduled to discuss the budget with the editorial board of the Seattle Times.  This will be videostreamed live.  This probably will hit the high points, but may not provide much detail about WSU specifically.

Once the details are available, we will have the first indication of the ballpark of the budget cut to Washington State University,  Note, however, that there are many steps between what happens tomorrow and actually knowing what the impact will be at the level of our college.  Thus, it is important to keep in mind that it is just a rough ballpark.  Even after the legislature passes a budget next spring, which might look different than what the Governor proposes, the university still has to make decisions about how the cut is distributed internally.  I'll have more about the internal process in a later post.

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The CVM dean's blog is off and running

by Bryan 16. December 2008 22:21

WSU veterinary college deans have used many communication tools.  All had the goal of relaying important information and staying in touch our staff, faculty, students, alumni, friends, and partners.  Many years ago I began veterinary school here shortly after Leo Bustad (he for whom Bustad Hall is named) became the dean.  One way Leo communicated was through a periodic newsletter he titled The Peripatetic Dean; I suspect Leo meant to convey multiple senses of the word in this title, not only the larger sense of a journey but also the simple pleasure of walking about, which he did in instantly recognizable fashion with his ski pole in hand and decked out in one of his many bow ties.

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