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WSU CVM Bald Eagle Release

by WSU CVM 12. March 2012 16:37

A bald eagle, about 5 years of age and presumably male, was presented to the Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in late January 2012 with signs of severe lead poisoning. His blood lead level was 0.52 micrograms/g which is over twice the level considered toxic. He was treated with intravenous fluids and calcium EDTA which binds the lead.

Sauder responded well to treatment and was released outside of Orofino ID on March 12, 2012.


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WSU's Dr Susan Ritter promoted to Regents professor

by WSU CVM 12. March 2012 09:03
The promotion honors the highest level of international distinction in the discipline that raises university standards through teaching, scholarship and public service. 

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Yes I Can Clean Up

by Bryan 11. March 2012 18:20

Early in the life of this blog I wrote about how my preferred attire was blue jeans.  Still is. The other day this subject came up and I observe in that conversation that I can, in fact, clean up when I need to (rest assured, though, I have a very narrow concept of "need to").  Since the subject came up, I thought I'd offer proof:

From left to right that would be Tim Richards (DVM '84; from the Big Island), Terri Impson (also from the Big Island), Waz, yours truly, and Kyle Frandle (a DVM classmate, '80; from Los Gatos CA).  We were definitely overdressed for that venue, closing down the place across the street from the Hyatt in Seattle after a gala.

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Update on Art in the Library

by Bryan 6. March 2012 11:38

As I fly past Chicago (it is very clear today) listening to some wonderful Schubert (performed by Michel Dalberto) I am writing to update what I recently told you about the photography of Holly Irish and her Clear Focus On the Human-Animal Bond.

At a reception last week for Holly and her art I met her parents, who had come over from Sequim.  I learned from them that when they are out and about with Holly these days they no longer hike, rather they amble or stroll – the photographer's eye needs time.  Someday I hope to amble more...but, I digress.

I wanted to point out two recent newsy items that highlight Holly and her work came out in association with this reception, one in the Daily Evergreen and one at WSUNews.  The latter includes a broader exploration of different aspects of how the human-animal bond is explored in our college, including a remembering of some of Leo's legacy.


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Red-Tail Hawk Celebrates 31-Years Of Life

by WSU CVM 5. March 2012 16:00

At some point, we find ourselves in an unbreakable routine. During our waking hours, we eat, socialize and have moments of fresh air to observe our surroundings. Time passes and suddenly we’re old.

For Charlie, Thursday, March 1st was the same routine as usual, but it was his 31st birthday party. He was surrounded by loved ones singing happy birthday, eating cake and playing games celebrating the joyous occasion.

Charlie wouldn’t understand the festivities happening around him because he’s a wild animal, a red-tail hawk eying the room in a way one does to understand their surroundings and survive.

He’s the oldest living red-tail hawk in the entire world as defined in the longevity records by falconers. His home is Washington State University with the Raptor Club. Calculations have estimated his age to equal about 234 human years.


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Country Punk

by Bryan 3. March 2012 11:44

I was reminded yesterday that I had not done a post about music lately.  Soooo... here goes.

At the Senior Brunch last May, the day before commencement, in my brief remarks to the graduates I mentioned that I was going to quote from one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Mike Ness, the leader of the punk band Social Distortion.  From a senior in the back corner somewhere came a resounding "Whoooo...YEAH!!" (I couldn't identify who it was, but she fessed up at our alumni reception last week in Las Vegas).  I was saying something to the students about not passing up opportunity, and this line from the chorus of the song, The Rest of Our Lives from one of his solo albums, Cheating at Solitaire, has always been a favorite of mine for its twist on a well-known schmaltzy phrase − "...we'll spend each day like it's the last day of the rest of our lives."

I think the best term for his solo efforts is country punk, and it ain't your grandpa's pedal steel and country beat; check out Ballad of a Lonely Man or The Devil in Miss Jones.  And I think Johnny Cash probably would appreciate Social Distortion's take on Ring of Fire, as would Hank Sr. regarding their cover of his Six More Miles (you gotta love an accordion in a punk band).  Considering the place of Hank Sr. and Johnny in the evolution of country music, I think these are appropriately covered by a band better known for this.

For another of my favorite bands of this ilk, read on: More...

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CE Webinar on Disclosing Medical Errors on March 13, 2012

by WSU CVM 2. March 2012 07:34

Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 6 PM (Pacific Time) By Web Conference: Breaking the Silence: Disclosing Medical Errors by Dr Kelly Farnsworth

There has been increasing public awareness of patient safety in healthcare and attention on a disturbing rise in medical errors. Research has shown that the majority of malpractice litigation in human medicine is related to poor communication between the patient and the physician. The importance of having open and frank discussions when medical errors occur has been highlighted by several professional organizations and institutions and published in the scientific and news media. This webinar will enable veterinarians to identify, appreciate and practice using a model and techniques essential in responding to clients constructively when there has been an adverse outcome due to error.


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Executive Report from the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine

by WSU CVM 29. February 2012 14:21

Find out about the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s activities and current events in the Veterinary Executive Report. Read about the most pressing issues facing the college, current research projects and advancements that affect veterinarians, newly launched programs, and more.



Information from WSU about Q Fever in Small Ruminants

by WSU CVM 27. February 2012 13:20
The Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at Washington State University (WSU-WADDL) has received an increased number of inquiries about Q fever over the past few years. The questions fall into three distinct areas and include: testing of dairy goats for the infection in order to be in compliance with the Washington State requirements placed on raw milk dairies (RCW 16.36.040); testing of goats and sheep prior to sale, and/or breeding (biosecurity profiling); and disease investigation to determine the cause(s) of pregnancy loss or low reproductive performance. This information sheet is intended to answer some of the most common questions about Q fever.

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Retirement Celebration, Dr Jim Lincoln

by Admin 24. February 2012 09:46

Please join us: Friday, February 24, 2012 , 3:00 p.m.
Third Floor Atrium of the Animal Disease Biotechnology Facility (ADBF)

The Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University invite you to attend a retirement reception with cake and coffee for recent retiree and Professor Emeritus Dr. James Lincoln.

There will be a presentation to honor Dr. Lincoln at 4:00 p.m.

After over 34 years with WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Lincoln has left WSU to enjoy his other pastimes.

We would like to honor him by bringing together his long-time and recent colleagues and friends.

Please come be a part of this special celebration.


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