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Walking to Work

by Bryan 31. January 2009 07:11

About the only consistent exercise I get is walking to work -- one of the many upsides of living in Pullman.

More important than the physical exercise, though, is the mental down time.  I get about twenty minutes of pondering and observing time each way.  My route to Bustad Hall takes me down Derby Street, through the Koppel Farm along the S. Fork, and then up Stadium Way.  The Koppel Farm stretch is the key, even though it only takes a few minutes to traverse.  It is relatively undeveloped with small trees, brush, ground cover, and running water; just the ticket for this former farm kid.  Never know what I will get to see.  Sometimes it's the pheasants.  Or coyotes.  Or rabbits.  Or deer.  Or beaver.  Or fish, ducks, geese, quail, flickers, ..., you name it.  If nothing else, sometimes it's just the simple pleasure of stars, planets, and moon in a crystal-clear winter sky.

These days, as winter starts to feel like it is loosening up a bit, these sightings increase.  As do the "hearings".  Usually I listen to music on my MP3 player as I walk along (more about that someday).  However, this time of year I always start out without the headphones on because the Great Horned Owls are gearing up for their breeding season and I often get to hear them talking to one another in the early morning when I head out.  In the cycle of things, this also means that the wildflowers that dot the hillside are not too far off.

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