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Art Exhibit Showcases Work of Veterinary Student

by Bryan 9. March 2009 21:22

Among our many multi-talented vet students is Gudrun Gunther, who is finishing up her fourth year and about to head back out into the real world.  Gudrun is also a talented artist.  You may not remember it, nor have been aware of the source even if you do remember it, but many of you have already seen her work: this painting of her cat, Schoenchen, graced the cover of the September 15, 2006 issue of JAVMA:

Many of Gudrun's paintings have been gathered for an exhibit in the Animal Health Library in Wegner Hall.  For those of you who live in the area, and for those of you planning to visit Pullman in the near future, it will be well worth your time to stop by and take a look.  If you cannot make the exhibit, you can see some of the images here.

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3/10/2009 1:38:33 PM #

Deborah Carlson

What talented students this University has!  We should count ourselves lucky to attract people like Gudrun Gunther.  

Talented, intelligent, diverse!  Appreciate highlighting her artistic side on your Blog!

Deborah Carlson United States

3/11/2009 7:04:46 PM #

Mouse Cursors

wow. those paintings are amazing! archimedes the best

sometimes we forget how multitalented people can be Smile

Mouse Cursors United States

4/29/2009 1:27:29 AM #


Unbelievable painting.I would definitely take a look at this painting whenever i visit that area.
I must say that this student is very talented hats off to him.

Thermostat United Kingdom

4/29/2009 6:01:32 AM #

Basement Dehumidifier

I went and saw this painting .Its simply superb.This university has lots of very very talented student

Basement Dehumidifier

4/29/2009 11:17:36 AM #

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Nice !  veterinary science is really a good thing i always love to be with animals and understand them and to take care of them .

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5/11/2009 2:26:38 PM #

Hiking Backpacks

I am quite surprised by the talent of this young artist. I find animals are one of the hardest subjects to portray and they have done an extraordinary job doing this.

Hiking Backpacks United States

5/13/2009 9:23:51 PM #


waoo never heard of this before. What i must say that is polynomial, very very extra ordinary.

hope to see more in future.

Ukf7003axx United States

5/20/2009 12:06:24 PM #

Travel Kits

This is a very talented young artist! I look forward to seeing more work in the future . . .

Travel Kits United States

6/10/2009 2:44:54 PM #

surgical instruments

Gee what a master piece.

surgical instruments United States

6/25/2009 7:33:39 AM #

Rubberecycle - Mulch

Let's Congratulate this student for nice art and talent, hats off. Regards from

Rubberecycle - Mulch United States

7/7/2009 5:52:47 PM #


Nice balance between left and right brain talents. Leonardo da Vinci is another example of a scientist and a talented artist.

Job well done!

Receptionist United States

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