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by Bryan 7. April 2009 08:21

There is actually not much to report about what WSU's budget will look like this next biennium.

The House and Senate are very far apart and have until April 26 to conference out their differences into a single budget to send to the Governor.  Our best hope in higher education is that the Governor will prevail on the legislature to cut us less, more along the 12% she proposed in her budget last December.  (Note that she has now proposed 14% tuition hikes for each of the next two years).

The three very different scenarios proposed by the Governor, Senate, and House are summarized in a table below the jump ("More").  In case you missed it, President Floyd's recent letter to the WSU community is here.

Because of the vast differences in budget scenarios, and the timeline of the legislature, I do not expect any definitive word about our college's cut until closer to May 1, which is now the target date (plus or minus a couple of days) for the university to roll out it's full budget draft.

I'll keep you posted if things change between now and then.


 Comparison of different budget proposals

                                                         Gov.    Senate    House


$ amount of reduction (million)      $61.9    $104.3     $151.4

% reduction in State $                       12%       20%          29%

% reduction after applying                12%       17%          25%

       Federal Stimulus money

% reduction after tuition increase      6%        12%          18%


Proposed Tuition Increase                  7%**      7%          10%


** this was the number in her December budget; see comment earlier in the post about her proposal today to change this to 14% (presumably to offset cuts that will be larger than her proposed 12% (my presumption, by the way)

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4/8/2009 9:50:44 PM #

Pete van Dyke

The cost of college (the great equalizer) is getting so out of hand that people are talking more and more that the cost of education may never be recouped by many individuals.  Something needs to be done???

Pete van Dyke United States

5/29/2009 2:57:20 AM #

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i am scared about tution fee hike

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