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by Bryan 2. June 2009 23:14

Just a quick post while this evening's experience is still fresh in my mind.  I'm sitting out in the wonderful late evening air along the Spokane River in northern Idaho, at my first Veterinary Leadership Experience (VLE).  I won't be staying the whole week, but I've already got a taste of something I've believed in before experiencing it.

The many professional organization and corporate partners who join our team continue to influence the course of the profession by bringing together vet school faculty and students from around the world who take what they learn back to their home institutions to model for their colleagues.  This brainchild of several of our faculty, that started nearly 10 years ago with 1st year vet student orientation (COLE) and has now added several dimensions to bring it to a broader audience, is something that I'm very proud that our college does.  Those who saw this need, supported it, and have built it to the powerful entity that it is today are yet other reasons among many that being dean of the WSU CVM is such a great job.

Where else can a dean, in the company of what were an hour before total strangers, be part of a group assigned the task of collectively emulating a machine, where each part (person) has to move and make a sound?  Not the stuff of my usual day, and I must say out of my comfort zone.  But that's what this is all about...

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6/2/2009 11:24:52 PM #

Betsy C.

So glad you are here, even if only for a day or so. I am so proud to be a part of the VLE!!

Betsy C. United States

6/8/2009 7:23:21 AM #

Rick DeBowes

Just saw this and appreciate your support of the program.  Your presence spoke loudly to the attendees.  Good meeting, lots of growth, new connections, nobody died.  

Rick DeBowes United States

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