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by Bryan 23. September 2009 18:18

This will probably mean more to me than to you (but then isn't blogging often so? -- one of these days I may need to get me one of those t shirts that reads "More people have read this shirt than read your blog")...

At the end of a long, at times weird, but interesting day (the fact that they all are makes it worth coming to work in the morning) I had the pleasure of spending a collective hour or so with several of the faculty leaders in our college.  This, on top of other such interactions scattered throughout the day.  I would be quite ineffective in this job without being able to access the knowledge and insight of the faculty leaders in this college, and to count on their willingness to spend their time offering their knowledge and insight.  I have always known this of course, but it really was striking for some reason today...What a godsend.

Part of what made this so striking today, I think, was that I also had the good fortune to spend more than the usual amount of time with both veterinary students and graduate students...tomorrows leaders.  Knowledgeable, caring, engaging, insightful...

What a day!

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