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Ground Control to Yogi Bear

by Bryan 3. February 2010 06:08

Apparently as I age I cannot eat the prodigious quantities of spicy Mexican food that I could in my youth.  Thus, I am awake and at it earlier than usual today -- so what better time to get back into the habit of blogging periodically?  The last few months have been crazy-busy, but it is time to get back at this.

And what better way to do so than to point you to this story, which explains the title of this post.  This story about research to better understand hibernation in bears features WSU's Bear Center, including the work of Heiko Jansen and Lynne Nelson from our college (the VCAPP Department/Neuroscience Program and Veterinary Clinical Sciences, respectively).  Being a fan of Alien and Aliens (the rest of the series, not so much...) I found this story's tie-in to futuristic space travel amusing; given the history of science fiction's imaginings coming to pass eventually, on occasion, who is to say this might not come to pass as well?

Given the timing of this story, Avatar would have been a better sci-fi reference (it too features hibernation for extended space travel).  By the way, if you haven't seen Avatar, get out to see it in 3D on the big screen ASAP (IMAX if possible).  Way cool...

(Thanks Darin for pointing me to the bear story)

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