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Still Life With Trashcan

by Bryan 13. February 2010 09:17

We've had a very mild winter this year (this month's power bill was less than half last year's, for example, and we've probably had less than 6" of snowfall total). The weather lately has that Spring-is-coming feel to it, with snowdrops, daffodils, and such popping up.

Reflecting this morning on just how mild it has been I recalled the first snowfall of the winter in mid November, which caught us needing new wiper blades.  We were obviously in good company as this scene just outside the local auto parts store that day shows.  It just cried out for digital preservation:

If you've got a suggestion for a title of this work, comment away. 

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It has been a great winter here also. Late November before we got much snow and very few storms all winter. It's not over yet though.

How about Winters Rejects for a title.

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