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by Bryan 12. January 2012 18:37

Happy New Year everyone.  It is not really the result of a New Year's resolution, but I'm back to blogging.  Doing so is actually quite fun, but with trying to keep up with both Vice Provost and Dean duties I just fell out of the habit.  I'm back to just being Dean now, having given up the Vice Provost duties in July.  Periodically contributing to this blog is back on a front burner. 

This post is one I've been planning for a long time, and so it is a perfect one to mark my restart.  I have the pleasure of highlighting again one of the many multi-talented people in this college.  This time it is Debby Alperin a research assistant in Vet Micro Path who also happens to be an outstanding photographer.  Some of Debby's photographs were assembled for the latest show in our Art in the Library Series over the fall and winter.  You can find more of her photos here, but she has allowed me to share one of my favorites with you in this post.

I have commented here before about how I love the clouds on the Palouse.  Those of you who know this place know how the rolling hills change their textures and colors with the comings and goings of the seasons.  And then the clouds...  It is not just the clouds themselves, although they are often beautiful in their own right.  But the interplay of their beauty with the textures and colors of terrain.  I've wondered why the clouds always seem to be right on top of us much of the time, and I've speculated that it is because we live on a high plateau above the canyons.  Whatever the explanation, the dynamic changes in weather, season, and cropping creates a myriad of effects of low clouds and terrain that are at times astounding.  In the end, thoughts of explanation miss the point, ...just enjoy...

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Kirk Pawlowski

Dean Slinker - Great to see that you are back. For those of us currently absent from the Palouse, Debby Alperin's photographs bring us back instantly - we can feel those wonderful dry breezes of an August afternoon!  All of us carry the Palouse skies with us wherever we may be.  Thanks to you both.    

Kirk Pawlowski United States

1/14/2012 11:32:19 PM #

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