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WSU seeks cats for study of new treatment for feline herpes keratitis

by WSU CVM 13. October 2010 15:04

Owners of cats with acute or chronic non-traumatic corneal ulcers are invited to apply to participate in a clinical trial to evaluate a novel, intranasal, treatment for feline herpes keratitis.

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WSU Webinar on Feline Anesthesia and Analgesia

by Admin 28. September 2010 14:18

Webinar on Feline Anesthesia and Analgesia by Dr. Tammy Grubb is available anytime.

Cats present some anesthetic  & analgesic challenges that should be addressed. Small body size often makes drug dosing difficult, increases the challenge of finding appropriate equipment (anesthetic equipment, monitoring equipment, etc…) and increases the likelihood of size-related complications, like hypothermia. Furthermore, cats may react to drugs differently than dogs react and may metabolize certain drug classes differently.  However, these qualities that are unique to the cat do not provide an excuse for not utilizing the best anesthetic or analgesic techniques and drugs available to us on every single feline patient.  Drugs and techniques recommended for the cat will be discussed.

A handout on constant rate infusions is available to participants.


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Summer 2009 WSU College of Vet Med Community Practice Newsletter

by WSU CVM 3. June 2009 16:08

Summer 2009 Community Practice News


  • WSU veterinary college to open Spokane clinic with $3.5 million gifts
  • Does my pet need preventative heartworm medication?
  • Veterinary cardiologist discovers gene for heart disease    
  • Ear infections are a common problem for dogs and cats
  • What to do if you find a growth on your pet
  • Grieving? You don’t have to be alone   
  • Thick hair and warm weather increase instances of “hot spots”

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