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WSU launches first research program for individualized medicine in animals

by crd 9. January 2013 15:22

Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine has established the profession’s first dedicated research effort pursuing individualized medicine in animals.

Individualized medicine, also called personalized medicine, has exploded in human healthcare thanks to a growing understanding of health and disease at the molecular level.  Discoveries are coming quickly and move in record time from the lab bench to the bedside where they are recognized as new, justifiable clinical practices.

"Establishing a research emphasis for advancing individualized animal medicine is long overdue in veterinary medicine,” said Bryan Slinker, dean of the veterinary college and the person who green lighted the research priority.  "Human medicine is significantly ahead of veterinary medicine in this area and we want WSU to be the first and the best center for advancing individualized medicine for the entire veterinary profession.”  more

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