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WSU Veterinary Hospital rehabilitates severely dehydrated/traumatized owl

by crd 9. July 2013 16:49

A great-horned owl was rescued on the Washington State University campus earlier last week, and veterinarians are confident they'll be able to nurse him back to health.   KLEWTV video

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Glen the Bald Eagle Released near Spokane WA

by crd 28. November 2012 13:49


An injured bald eagle found last June north of Spokane WA was given a 30% chance of surviving because of a fracture near a joint. The eagle named Glen beat those odds and was released at the Little Spokane River Natural Area on November 27, 2012.

Glen was fitted with an identifying ankle tag while recovering at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

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WSU Vet hospital treats nine great horned owlets

by WSU CVM 26. April 2012 07:39

Rarely seen by the public, baby great horned owls are being treated at Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and it’s hard to believe that the nine palm-sized puffballs with curious yellow eyes will grow into fierce raptors of the woods.

The young babies - five from one nest and four from another - are being hand-fed until they are strong enough to eat on their own. The first four were brought to WSU on April 13 at roughly one week old. Just four days later, the second group arrived at only a few days old.

"We’ve had great horned babies before, but in 10 years, I’ve never had any this young,” said veterinarian Nickol Finch, who oversees WSU’s Raptor Rehabilitation Center. "Pretty much all they’re doing is eating and sleeping.”
It’s rare for humans to get a glimpse of baby great horns. Their parents usually nest high up in trees and are aggressive protectors of their young. Considering the owls possess talons powerful enough to cart off animals five times their weight, most people are wise enough to keep their distance.

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WSU CVM Bald Eagle Release

by WSU CVM 12. March 2012 16:37

A bald eagle, about 5 years of age and presumably male, was presented to the Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in late January 2012 with signs of severe lead poisoning. His blood lead level was 0.52 micrograms/g which is over twice the level considered toxic. He was treated with intravenous fluids and calcium EDTA which binds the lead.

Sauder responded well to treatment and was released outside of Orofino ID on March 12, 2012.


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Snowy Owl undergoing treatment at WSU Vet Hospital

by Admin 10. January 2012 13:57

A snowy owl that flew thousands of miles from its home only to collide with a car west of Spokane, Wash., is being treated at Washington State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


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Sponsor a Raptor at the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

by WSU CVM 6. December 2011 15:12

Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? Consider sponsoring a raptor like Charlie, the oldest red-tailed hawk on record! Whether you choose an eagle, falcon, owl or hawk, all sponsor levels will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, Picture, and Fact Sheet. 


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WSU Returns Great-horned Owl Chick to its Nest

by WSU CVM 22. March 2011 09:34

A great horned owl chick was found on the playground of Lincoln Middle School in Pullman. The chick was kept at the College of Veterinary Medicine for a week until it was confirmed that his mother was still in the area and then was returned to the nest using a  large bucket truck from Avista to reach the nest located about 40 feet off the ground.


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Sponsor a Raptor at WSU for your Valentine Sweetheart

by WSU CVM 11. February 2010 09:43

Sponsor a Raptor at WSU for your Valentine Sweetheart.  Your gift can help ensure these magnificent birds are provided with food, shelter, and medical care for one year.

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WSU veterinarians release rehabilitated falcon

by Admin 17. November 2009 11:19
For the first time this year, a Peregrine falcon has been successfully released by Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine after the raptor made a full recovery from its injuries. Details

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WSU releases rehabilitated hawk

by WSU CVM 29. October 2009 16:51

PULLMAN, Wash.— A red-tailed hawk brought to Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine has made a full recovery and was successfully released just outside the Moscow, Idaho, city limits.   Details, photos and video

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