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Dr. Charles Leathers Receives the Harold W. Casey Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Veterinary and Comparative Pathology

by WSU CVM 5. June 2012 18:05

Calling all alumni who were taught Veterinary Pathology by Professor Charles W. Leathers!  Did you graduate in 1980 or later?  If so, then you took Veterinary Pathology from Dr. Leathers and now have an opportunity to honor him.  Dr. Leathers has been selected by the CL Davis Foundation for the Harold W. Casey Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Veterinary and Comparative Pathology. Learn how you can participate in honoring him!


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June-July 2012 CE Webinars from Washington State University

by WSU CVM 5. June 2012 10:15

June 27, 2012, 6:00 PM
Local Anesthetic Blocks: CE for Veterinary Technicians presented by Dr. Tammy Grubb
One CE Credit

July 17, 2012, 6:00 PM

Reconstructive Surgery for the Small Animal Patient: Focus on Flaps by Dr. Bonnie Campbell
One CE Credit

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Applications Open for WSU Path to Success Equine Facilitated Program

by WSU CVM 17. May 2012 14:04

Path to Success: A Shared Journey: An equine facilitated growth and learning experience for parent/child teams
This is a two-week intensive summer program designed to strengthen parent/child relationships and learn to work together on team building skills.

Applications are now open for the Summer 2012 program.

Informational meeting on June 13, 7 pm.


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WSU Welcomes Class of 2013 to the Teaching Hospital

by WSU CVM 7. May 2012 10:16

Seniors Welcomed to the Teaching Hospital in the 8th annual Transition Ceremony.



Dr Rance Sellon, Recipient of the WSU Carl Norden Teaching Award

by WSU CVM 7. May 2012 10:12

Congratulations to Dr Rance Sellon, Recipient of the Carl Norden  Distinguished Teacher Award.



Congratulations WSU Veterinary Class of 2012

by WSU CVM 1. May 2012 14:54

Congratulations to the WSU Veterinary Class of 2012

Graduation Ceremony (DVM)
Sat. May 5, 2012, 7:30 pm
Beasley Coliseum

Veterinary BS, MS and PhD program at 3 PM, May 5.

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Willie Nelson's Chili Cook-off 2012

by WSU CVM 30. April 2012 14:31

Each year the College of Veterinary Medicine holds a chili cook-off in honor of Willie Nelson's Birthday.  

.....and the winners are:

First Place Dale Hancock What was I thinking?

Second Place The Fighting Mongooses: Brittany Beavis, Kitri Doepker, Jen Majerus, Jennifer Nishimura, and Dor Dor Vang Vigilante Chili

Third Place John Mattoon Union Flat Pua'a Chili


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WSU Vet hospital treats nine great horned owlets

by WSU CVM 26. April 2012 07:39

Rarely seen by the public, baby great horned owls are being treated at Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and it’s hard to believe that the nine palm-sized puffballs with curious yellow eyes will grow into fierce raptors of the woods.

The young babies - five from one nest and four from another - are being hand-fed until they are strong enough to eat on their own. The first four were brought to WSU on April 13 at roughly one week old. Just four days later, the second group arrived at only a few days old.

"We’ve had great horned babies before, but in 10 years, I’ve never had any this young,” said veterinarian Nickol Finch, who oversees WSU’s Raptor Rehabilitation Center. "Pretty much all they’re doing is eating and sleeping.”
It’s rare for humans to get a glimpse of baby great horns. Their parents usually nest high up in trees and are aggressive protectors of their young. Considering the owls possess talons powerful enough to cart off animals five times their weight, most people are wise enough to keep their distance.

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2012 WSU Poster Presentation/Neuroscience Students Recognized

by WSU CVM 17. April 2012 07:54

Filling all the walls of two floors of CVM's ADBF atrium, senior students in the Neuroscience 490 course were given the opportunity to display their senior project posters in the 2012 Poster Presentation/Neuroscience Student Recognition Dessert on April 13,2012.

Five individual students were awarded Neuroscience scholarships, including Matthew Landowski and Amanda Feeney, who were presented with a Peter A. Zornes Memorial Neuroscience Scholarship, and Shelby Weeks, Michelle David and Drew Neyens, who were each given a Neuroscience Endowed Scholarship for the 2012-2013 academic year.



WSU CVM Open House 2012

by WSU CVM 16. April 2012 13:10

Thank you to everyone who made Open House 2012 such a successful event.  Mark your calendars for next year: April 13, 2013

View more photos at 

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