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WSU researchers identify cause of drug-induced eye damage in cats

by WSU CVM 16. December 2010 14:05

WSU CVM researchers have found the cause of an unusual adverse drug reaction that is known to occur in cats, but no other species. A certain class of antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, can cause irreversible blindness in cats. The researchers identified defects in a protein (ABCG2) that prevents accumulation of phototoxic chemicals (such as fluoroquinolones in cats) in the retina. This protein is defective in cats. This discovery has important implications to human patients receiving these antibiotics too. Certain cancer drugs can interact with the ABCG2 protein in human patients leaving the protein as dysfunctional as the feline protein. If these cancer patients receive fluoroquinolone antibiotics, retinal toxicity could be a potential complication.

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