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WSU CVM’s 7th annual transition ceremony

by Admin 6. May 2011 10:42
WSU CVM’s 7th annual transition ceremony was held at 4PM on Thursday May 5th in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital breezeway.
The event celebrated the Class of 2012’s completion of the pre clinical curriculum and their transition to the fourth and final year of the DVM curriculum. All 97 members of the class of ...2012 received a set of basic clinical instruments in a belt pack, compliments of Nestle Purina. Speakers included Dr. Bryan Slinker, Dean, Dr. Bill Dernell, VCS Chair, Dr. Tonya Gable ,Idaho VMA, Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse WSVMA, Dr. Jim Lincoln (VCS Small Animal) and Dr. Julie Carry (VCS Large Animal). The event, sponsored by Nestle Purina was followed by a reception, sponsored by Mr. Ron Hauenstein and New York Mutual Life Insurance.

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