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2010-11 Application Cycle Update

by minzunza 8. December 2010 14:21
The 2010-11 WSU CVM admissions committee is in the final review and evaluation process and is submitting WICHE rankings to the WICHE offices. For the students that have applied, this is a time of waiting, wondering, and hoping that they are selected....there is nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the holidays with friends and family!

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DVM Ambassador - Dani

by Abbie 21. July 2009 08:52

Hi, my name is Dani and I am a third year vet student at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I also went to WSU for undergrad, and I received my Bachelor's in Zoology, with a pre-vet emphasis.  I decided to go to vet school when I began working at a veterinary clinic part-time just after high school.  During that job I realized I loved to work with animals and people and I wanted to do it for my profession.  I chose WSU CVM because it is an awesome school that really emphasizes the students and their individual success.  More...

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Let the games begin -- Admissions is OPEN!

by Abbie 8. June 2009 09:19

The Admissions cycle 2009-10 is officially open and underway as of June 4th.  Students interested in applying to the DVM program, with intent to start in the Fall of 2010, can now create their VMCAS application at:  VMCAS is the national common application and all students interested in applying to the WSU CVM must complete a VMCAS application.  WSU applicants also need to complete the WSU supplemental application at: Both applications are required to be considered for the WSU DVM program. More...

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Meet Ambassador Ainsley

by Abbie 28. May 2009 13:51

My name is Ainsley and I  just finished up my second year of veterinary college here at WSU. I am a strong willed and fun loving red-head that greatly enjoys spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy horseback riding, hiking, running, reading, and artwork. I was born in Richmond, Virginia and moved to Jacksonville, Florida at the age of eleven. I then went on to graduate with a BS in Animal Science from University of Florida in 2007, and headed West to continue my education at WSU College of Veterinary Medicine (GO COUGS!!). I suppose I now bleed a mixture of orange, blue, crimson, and grey. It’s quite the aesthetic combo.  More...

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DVM Ambassador - Jennifer

by Abbie 5. May 2009 07:46

Hello all my name is Jennifer and I am just about to finish up my second year of veterinary school here at WSU. I was born and raised in Orange County, California which is quite a different environment from Pullman. Though I miss the sunshine and warm weather I feel that Pullman is an amazing place to live and go to school. Growing up I was fascinated by animals of any kind and I remember frequent trips to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. As a kid there was a small pet store down the street from my house and I was constantly there playing with the kittens and puppies. It wasn’t long before I began helping out the store owner doing small jobs in exchange for information (all that I could get) about having animals and taking care of them; I feel that this was it really began for me. For my undergraduate studies I started out at Fullerton Community College that was about 10 minutes from my house. I spent 2 years there fulfilling the requirements to get my general education certificate. Then I transferred to a relative small college, California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California (also known as Cal Poly Pomona). I was at Cal Poly for 3 years and graduated with a BS in animal science. During my 5 years of undergrad I worked in a small animal practice and really enjoyed it. While at Cal Poly I also began to work with Ag animals as well as horses and our high speed equine treadmill. More...

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Meet DVM Ambassador - Sam

by Abbie 1. May 2009 07:04

Hi and thanks for spending time getting to know, potentially, one of your future colleagues!

My name is Sam .  I am a father of three wonderful little girls and just finished the second year of veterinary school, which was a blast.  During the second year, veterinary students get to do so many cool things and learn tons of new stuff.  In the fall we learned so much about disease processes, bacteria, viruses, and pharmacology, and in the spring semester we learned how to spin turds and look for parasites (fecal floats) with Dr. Foreyt, who just might be the funniest man alive; identify poisonous plants with Dr. Talcott; and learn sterile surgical techniques, instruments, and suture patterns with the surgeons from the VTH.  This year was so busy yet so much fun. 

I grew up in a rural mixed animal practice, where my father was the only veterinarian for 50 miles.  I basically grew up in the clinic with all the late night calls, early morning herd checks, and surgeries.  I even slept in a few dog kennels during my childhood, my choice of course.  I had so much fun spending time with clients and growing up with their children my same age, that I want my children to have similar opportunities.  I like animals, but I love people and I especially like making people smile.  Our clients included everybody, ranging from the “Crazy cat lady” to the “Ornery old rancher” and I enjoyed every moment spent with these people. More...

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All notices are out!

by Abbie 2. March 2009 10:28

The last of the notification letters hit the mail last Accept - Alternate - Deny, everyone who applied to WSU this cycle should have a tangible notice in their hands in the next few days (if not already!).

If you haven't received a letter by March 13th, please feel free to contact us and we will double-check things on our end.  Remember though - we cannot release status information over the phone!

Thanks so everyone who applied this year, it was a fantastic & extremely competitve pool!  If you were not successful this go-round, don't forget you can request a file review until May 15th.


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Interviews underway

by Abbie 30. January 2009 10:24

The interviews for the Class of 2013 are underway with Washington and Idaho interviewees wrapping up this week.  The weather has cooperated for travel...for the most part, Jo-C has been a fantastic Ambassa-dog and stress relief in the lobby/waiting room and everyone thus far has survived.

In the past few weeks both Barbara Hodson and myself have received quite few questions regarding practive interview questions.  Some have been polite, some were a bit more agited in there request for information.  Let me clear it up...yes, we used to have practice interview questions up on this Prospective Student site.  No, we no longer do.  Reason: The committee and Dr. Talcott asked that we take them down.  They felt some applicants were almost too prepared and came across sort-of "canned," which was likely not their intent at all, but here we were giving them the fodder to create this problem.  So, rather than over-assist possible interviewees, we took the list down and figure applicants/interviewees who are prepared to enter the professional veterinary medical program should probably be able to find or come up with a way to prepare themselves for an interview without our having muddied up the water, so to speak.  It's a PERSONAL interview...the committee wants to get to know YOU, your personality and the paper...that's the most important thing to keep in mind.

So, I hope that helps, I know there's still some folks out there gearing up, so best of luck to all of you!  If you do have any questions before you get up here, please feel free to let me know!


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2009 Interview Dates

by Abbie 8. January 2009 13:49

For those of you anxiously awaiting some sort of notification on the admissions's the best I have for you at this point: the actual WSU-CVM interview dates!

Washington: January 26-28

Idaho: January 29-30

Out-of-Area: February 9-13

If you are offered an interview, the letter you receive will indicated your specific date and time.  Good luck!

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Meet Lynn, VetMed Ambassador - Class of 2011

by Abbie 8. January 2009 13:36

Hi! I am Lynn D, a second year vet student and WSU VetMed ambassador. I grew up on a farm near Valley City, North Dakota, and I did my undergrad at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, where I got my B.A. in biology.

            You’re probably wondering what a girl from North Dakota is doing in vet school in Washington State. Surely there are closer vet schools? Well, I chose WSU for a number of reasons, but the major one was that when I did my interview at WSU I felt like I had already joined the VetMed family. The professors and staff were wonderful and the students were very kind and friendly. I also chose WSU because of their emphasis on communication and making us well-rounded veterinarians. The best was for me to describe the WSU vetmed program is that it’s like a liberal arts school but for veterinarians. I actually turned down several other offers from other schools (where I would get in-state tuition) to come to WSU.  However, I did eventually get WICHE funding (which means I only have to pay in-state tuition, phew!), but I still feel the same way I felt the first time I set foot on campus…part of the family. The faculty has gotten to know me by name and have taken time to get to know me as person.  My classmates have become great friends and there is a friendly learning atmosphere where questions are welcomed and wanted.


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