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DVM Student Ambassador selected for President's Award

by Abbie 14. April 2009 13:22
Amanda M – 2009 WSU President’s Award 

Congratulations to Amanda M, Class of 2011, for her selection as a recipient for the prestigious President’s Award.  The selection committee had the difficult talk of sorting though the vast leadership and service experiences of students from across the Pullman and branch campuses.  Less than 1% of the 25,000 WSU undergraduate, graduate and professional students at WSU are recognized for their leadership and service to WSU and its greater communities.  Award recipients are selected based on their leadership and engagement consistent with the university’s values of inquiry and innovation, character, teamwork and diversity.

Amanda was chosen for her extraordinary leadership efforts with the Colony Dog Enrichment Program.  Amanda has significantly raised the level of awareness about colony dogs and their use.  Moreover, thanks to Amanda and her colleagues’ organization and hard work, the number of students participating in the program has tripled!  As a result, many animals that contribute to our teaching program have benefited – as have students.   

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