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Pfizer Launches Externship Program For The Future Of Animal Production

by Abbie 12. June 2009 13:01

WSU has recently initiated a certificate program that will allow our DVM students who are interested in agricultural animal/food animal medicine to get extended training and hands-on experience. 

It seems we are not the only ones who want to make strides to help train and prepare veterinarians who are focused on animal production. Read on...More...

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Meet Ambassador Ainsley

by Abbie 28. May 2009 13:51

My name is Ainsley and I  just finished up my second year of veterinary college here at WSU. I am a strong willed and fun loving red-head that greatly enjoys spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy horseback riding, hiking, running, reading, and artwork. I was born in Richmond, Virginia and moved to Jacksonville, Florida at the age of eleven. I then went on to graduate with a BS in Animal Science from University of Florida in 2007, and headed West to continue my education at WSU College of Veterinary Medicine (GO COUGS!!). I suppose I now bleed a mixture of orange, blue, crimson, and grey. It’s quite the aesthetic combo.  More...

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Living Large: In search of the elusive large animal veterinarian

by Abbie 13. May 2009 15:56

Check out the following article about large animal veterinary medicine.   It features current Ambassador, Sam, as well as newly minted "Dr." and former ambassador, Alexis, as well as a couple other WSU DVM alumni. 

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DVM Ambassador - Jennifer

by Abbie 5. May 2009 07:46

Hello all my name is Jennifer and I am just about to finish up my second year of veterinary school here at WSU. I was born and raised in Orange County, California which is quite a different environment from Pullman. Though I miss the sunshine and warm weather I feel that Pullman is an amazing place to live and go to school. Growing up I was fascinated by animals of any kind and I remember frequent trips to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. As a kid there was a small pet store down the street from my house and I was constantly there playing with the kittens and puppies. It wasn’t long before I began helping out the store owner doing small jobs in exchange for information (all that I could get) about having animals and taking care of them; I feel that this was it really began for me. For my undergraduate studies I started out at Fullerton Community College that was about 10 minutes from my house. I spent 2 years there fulfilling the requirements to get my general education certificate. Then I transferred to a relative small college, California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California (also known as Cal Poly Pomona). I was at Cal Poly for 3 years and graduated with a BS in animal science. During my 5 years of undergrad I worked in a small animal practice and really enjoyed it. While at Cal Poly I also began to work with Ag animals as well as horses and our high speed equine treadmill. More...

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From the horse's to speak!

by Abbie 31. March 2009 13:38

So the Ambassadors recently received an email from a student who has been made an offer of admission and is just trying to weigh and decide if they are going to join us here at WSU...and obviously we all hope so!  But this particular student asked some great questions about the program and wanted answers...from a student's perspective.  I thought other prospective students might also be interested, so have copied the questions and the responses from 3 different ambassadors and used different fonts to decern between the different DVM Ambassadors!  Let us know if these responses really are helpful!!! More...

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A 3rd Year Ambassador's take on vet school

by Abbie 17. March 2009 14:50

I’m Kristen, a 3rd year veterinary student ambassador at Washington State University. I’m nearing the completion of my classroom-based learning and getting pumped up to hit the clinics in May! I had no idea vet school would fly by like it has. While there were many stressful and challenging days, there were also many up-lifting, fun-filled days. Not to mention the many friends I’ve made who I foresee having lifelong relationships with. I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed my vet school experience because of these people and the great memories we’ve made both in and out of the classroom. If I’ve learned anything here it’s that life requires balance; a work-hard-play-hard mentality. More...

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