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2010-11 Application Cycle Update

by minzunza 8. December 2010 14:21
The 2010-11 WSU CVM admissions committee is in the final review and evaluation process and is submitting WICHE rankings to the WICHE offices. For the students that have applied, this is a time of waiting, wondering, and hoping that they are selected....there is nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the holidays with friends and family!

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Paul Allen to give $26M to WSU

by minzunza 2. December 2010 10:17
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is giving $26 million to Washington State University for School for Global Animal Health.
The gift will be the largest received by the university. It's a million more than his old friend and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates gave the university through his charitable foundation in 2008 to build the School for Global Animal Health.

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Jasmin - DVM Student Ambassador

by minzunza 2. November 2010 16:24


Hi everyone! My name is Jasmin and I am a second year student here at WSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  I am originally from Belfair, a smaller town on the west side of the state.  As prospective students, I’m sure your eager to hear my story and everyone else’s on how they did it. So here it goes.

I didn’t consider veterinarian as a career possibility until my sophomore year of high school.  I have always been around animals.  My family has a small hobby farm with everything from horses, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, and pheasants, to the occasional cow.  I was an active member of 4H for 8 years and have been barrel racing since middle school.  My star barrel horse contracted Equine Herpes Virus-1 in 2005, and it was trying to nurse her back health that made me realize, I could do this. I could be a vet.  After all, it couldn’t get much worse than removing feces right?

That was my starting point, I know most people probably had some sort of experience like me and it came down to hard work and personal drive to get them through those tough classes (for me it was focusing in chemistry).  I came to WSU after doing two years at a community college with the running start program.  This program allowed me to graduate from high school with both my high school diploma and an Associate of Science.  I graduated from WSU with a Bachelors in Animal Science in May 2009. 

During my undergraduate time at WSU, I became involved in Block and Bridle, a livestock industry club. I loved the opportunity to handle cattle and make contacts in the industry.  The summer before I applied to veterinary school, I shadowed at two clinics close to home to make sure veterinary medicine was still what I wanted to do. I shadowed at both an AAHA accredited small animal practice and a mixed animal practice.  I enjoyed both experiences and continue to work at on during school breaks.

I would like to become a large animal veterinarian and deal with food animals and horses.  I don’t mind the idea of a mixed animal practice, but large animal is my primary interest. WSU’s vet school is a great because it allows students to study all species, so I don’t have to focus on one just yet.

So that’s my story of my vet school pursuit.  However, my advice to prospective students is to see everyone’s story, and realize that people get in from all walks of life.  Our class had ages 20-40 admitted with a varying GPA and experience level.  So take everyone’s story as evidence that everyone is different and don’t stress the details. And lastly GO COUGS!

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Michelle - DVM Student Ambassador

by Abbie 20. January 2010 10:30

Hi, my name is Michelle and I am currently a second year student at Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.  I am from Bellevue, WA and love visiting the west side of the state when I have time.  I also attended Washington State University for my undergraduate education focusing on Animal Sciences with a Pre-Veterinary emphasis.  I applied to veterinary school after attending three years of undergraduate as a junior and was accepted.  I elected to not finish my Bachelors of Science and just start veterinary school. 

My interest in veterinary medicine started when I was in high school and our family adopted our very first dog.  That’s right; I didn’t get my first dog until I was 16!  For as long as I could remember, science has always been my favorite subject and medicine always amazed me.  I began working as a veterinary assistant/non-certified veterinary technician at a small animal hospital in Bellevue the summer after my first year of college and continue to work at the same place every summer, including any school vacations.  More...

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WSU CVM administers first-of-its-kind cancer treatment

by Abbie 23. October 2009 10:04

Check out a full article on this exciting breakthrough at the Washington State College of Veterinary Medicine! 


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DVM Ambassador - Dani

by Abbie 21. July 2009 08:52

Hi, my name is Dani and I am a third year vet student at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I also went to WSU for undergrad, and I received my Bachelor's in Zoology, with a pre-vet emphasis.  I decided to go to vet school when I began working at a veterinary clinic part-time just after high school.  During that job I realized I loved to work with animals and people and I wanted to do it for my profession.  I chose WSU CVM because it is an awesome school that really emphasizes the students and their individual success.  More...

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Ambassador Bio - Abbey

by Abbie 30. June 2009 08:11

My name is Abbey and I am a member of the Class of 2011 at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I just finished my second year and I have loved every minute of my vet school experience! I guess an important thing prospective students may want to know is how I got here in the first place.


I grew up in southern Idaho in a town called Twin Falls. When I was in first grade, I dressed up as a veterinarian for Halloween, so I suppose you could say I am one of those people who have always known what I wanted to do for a career. I graduated high school in 2003 and then headed up to Moscow, Idaho for my freshman year at the University of Idaho. At UI, I majored in pre-veterinary science and biology. I was involved in many biology departmental-related clubs, as well as being involved in the residence hall system. More...

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Pfizer Launches Externship Program For The Future Of Animal Production

by Abbie 12. June 2009 13:01

WSU has recently initiated a certificate program that will allow our DVM students who are interested in agricultural animal/food animal medicine to get extended training and hands-on experience. 

It seems we are not the only ones who want to make strides to help train and prepare veterinarians who are focused on animal production. Read on...More...

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WSU DVM Student's family dairy recognized for salmon recovery efforts

by Abbie 11. June 2009 08:06

Ben, a 2nd year DVM student at Washington State, comes from a western Washington dairy farm family. Currently his family's dairy is being recognized by the Dairy Farmers of Washington/Washington Dairy Products Commission for their dairy's proactive salmon recovery efforts.

Learn more at:  (Click on the SALMON RECOVERY link). A video interview is also to be posted soon!

This ad/recognition is also being run during the Seattle Mariners games.  Congrats to Ben and his family for the great efforts they have and continue to make!

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On Facebook?? So are we!!!

by Abbie 8. June 2009 15:36

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