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DVM@WSU April 8, 2011

by minzunza 2. March 2011 16:23
DVM@WSU registration is now open!

D.iscover V.eterinary M.edicine@WSU is a recruitment event that takes place on the Friday immediately before the annual CVM open house.  Pre-veterinary students must register to attend the all-day event. For detailed information please go to:



WA and ID interviews are this week!!!

by minzunza 26. January 2011 12:19

Good luck to all the prospective veterinary students interviewing this week!


Vet Med faculty on new Animal Planet show

by minzunza 5. January 2011 13:16
Two WSU faculty will appear in a segment of the new Animal Planet TV network series "Must Love Cats," which is scheduled to begin airing in January.
Dr. Matt Mickas, clinical assistant professor of small animal medicine and community practice, and Dr. Patricia Talcott, associate professor, board-certified toxicologist and admissions director, will explain the effects of catnip on cats.


Happy 2011!

by minzunza 4. January 2011 09:19

Hope this New Year is filled with many successes and acheivements.

 Best Wishes!


Season's Greeting!

by minzunza 14. December 2010 08:49

The Student Services Team at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine would like to wish you a very safe and happy holiday season!  We hope all the best to you and your families as you celebrate the end of 2010 and welcome the New Year.


2010-11 Application Cycle Update

by minzunza 8. December 2010 14:21
The 2010-11 WSU CVM admissions committee is in the final review and evaluation process and is submitting WICHE rankings to the WICHE offices. For the students that have applied, this is a time of waiting, wondering, and hoping that they are selected....there is nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the holidays with friends and family!

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Paul Allen to give $26M to WSU

by minzunza 2. December 2010 10:17
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is giving $26 million to Washington State University for School for Global Animal Health.
The gift will be the largest received by the university. It's a million more than his old friend and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates gave the university through his charitable foundation in 2008 to build the School for Global Animal Health.

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Visit WSU CVM!

by minzunza 24. November 2010 14:10

If you are interested in visiting WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital or other WSU CVM facilities, please go to

to schedule your visit!


DeAnna Barone - WSU CVM Student Ambassador

by minzunza 24. November 2010 13:39

My name is DeAnna Barone and I am a third year veterinary student at Washington State University.  Like so many others, it has been a life-long dream of mine to work with animals and be a doctor.  For as long as I could remember, I would sidle up next to our local vet and “help” him draw blood from our goat’s jugular vein or help medicate my animals.  I am also lucky enough to be an only child and fairly indulged.  Our house was a veritable medley of the pets that I continuously brought home!

Growing up on Whidbey Island, the culture shock was a bit extreme to move to Pullman in 2000.  Where were all the trees and water?  I completed my undergrad in Animal Science in 2003 and spent the next three years in Australia.  I attended the University of New England (Armidale, NSW), worked on a 4 million acre cattle ranch, and was a polo technician.  Great memories were made in the southern hemisphere.

After returning to the States, I realized that it was still a goal to attend vet school and applied, and was accepted, in the class of 2012.  Experiences throughout my life have melded me from wishing to care for companion animals to a more detailed route.  My passion is now International Infectious Disease Prevention with an emphasis in food animals.

Becoming an ambassador has allowed me to share my interests and pride in Washington State University and our associated vet program.  From the hopefuls that remind us all of ourselves not so long ago to the family who wish to encourage them, every one of us has a common theme:  to better the lives of animals and their human companions daily.  With that, we live every day knowing that we will first do no harm and revel is the pleasure of the myriad aspects of veterinary medicine.

Go Cougs!!

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Jasmin - DVM Student Ambassador

by minzunza 2. November 2010 16:24


Hi everyone! My name is Jasmin and I am a second year student here at WSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  I am originally from Belfair, a smaller town on the west side of the state.  As prospective students, I’m sure your eager to hear my story and everyone else’s on how they did it. So here it goes.

I didn’t consider veterinarian as a career possibility until my sophomore year of high school.  I have always been around animals.  My family has a small hobby farm with everything from horses, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, and pheasants, to the occasional cow.  I was an active member of 4H for 8 years and have been barrel racing since middle school.  My star barrel horse contracted Equine Herpes Virus-1 in 2005, and it was trying to nurse her back health that made me realize, I could do this. I could be a vet.  After all, it couldn’t get much worse than removing feces right?

That was my starting point, I know most people probably had some sort of experience like me and it came down to hard work and personal drive to get them through those tough classes (for me it was focusing in chemistry).  I came to WSU after doing two years at a community college with the running start program.  This program allowed me to graduate from high school with both my high school diploma and an Associate of Science.  I graduated from WSU with a Bachelors in Animal Science in May 2009. 

During my undergraduate time at WSU, I became involved in Block and Bridle, a livestock industry club. I loved the opportunity to handle cattle and make contacts in the industry.  The summer before I applied to veterinary school, I shadowed at two clinics close to home to make sure veterinary medicine was still what I wanted to do. I shadowed at both an AAHA accredited small animal practice and a mixed animal practice.  I enjoyed both experiences and continue to work at on during school breaks.

I would like to become a large animal veterinarian and deal with food animals and horses.  I don’t mind the idea of a mixed animal practice, but large animal is my primary interest. WSU’s vet school is a great because it allows students to study all species, so I don’t have to focus on one just yet.

So that’s my story of my vet school pursuit.  However, my advice to prospective students is to see everyone’s story, and realize that people get in from all walks of life.  Our class had ages 20-40 admitted with a varying GPA and experience level.  So take everyone’s story as evidence that everyone is different and don’t stress the details. And lastly GO COUGS!

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